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Experience + Service Design + Brand Strategy

How might we innovate the future of pharmacy?

Well Bar is a wellness pop-up shop designed to enable urban millennials seeking fun, personalized, and trustworthy wellness options to meet with a health specialist, sample flavors, and play to create a custom health mix. Well Bar empowers them to remain healthy without pharmaceuticals.



Target Market

Course: Experience Studio - MBA in Design Strategy, CCA


  • I took the lead in shaping the look and feel of the pop-up experience and crafting the flow. 

  • I came up with the name, Well Bar, and I worked with a teammate on the brand strategy and architecture.

  • I took on the role of Health Specialist in simulating our experience with customers.

  • I sourced the jars, the powders that we used to represent our health boosts, and the smoothie samples we offered to customers to taste and select their flavor choice.

  • I worked collaboratively on a team with three classmates throughout the project.



Card sorting

Street Intercepts



Journey Mapping

Service Design

Experience Design

Interaction Design


Brand Strategy



Design Thinking

Busy, professional urban millennials (ages 20-36) who want preventive care and seek delightful experiences.



Millennials want a joyful and personalized preventive health experience, but lack options that provide delight and trust.​

What is Pharmacy?

The art, practice, or profession of preparing, preserving, compounding, and dispensing medical drugs. (

Research Methods

  • Primary Research

    • Pharmacy Observations

    • Street Intercepts

    • Survey

    • Card Sorting

  • Secondary Research

Research Pharmacy Focus