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Product Marketing + Interaction Design + Experience Design

How might we strengthen trial user engagement and increase conversion rates to subscriber?


Title: Trial Gamification Marketing Intern - Autodesk

Role: I planned, mapped, and supported the development of marketing content, tactics, wireframes, and go-to-market strategy, to optimize user engagement and drive conversion. I wrote creative briefs, created system journey maps, sourced content, and wrote copy. Also, I outlined data collection objectives and methodologies to enhance customer insights and analytics to inform future projects.

The projects haven't shipped, so please contact me if you are interested in learning more.

Develop marketing strategies that leverage game-based marketing tactics and personalization to both strengthen trial user engagement and increase the conversion rate of trial users to paid subscribers.

The projects involved crafting the digital customer experience for trial users of AutoCAD, a product trial with 500,000+ global downloads a year, as well as creating an interactive microsite experience for trial users of Revit, a product with 3,000 downloads a month.





Architecture, Structural Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering, and Construction


Game-based Marketing

Journey Mapping

Persona Profiling

Brand Strategy

Interaction Design

Content Strategy


Design thinking

Experience Design

System Mapping

Data Collection Technology

Consumer Behavior

Cross-Functional Collaboration

User -




I began by assessing the context and researching the users to better understand who they are, their needs, and what motivates them. I reviewed previous research and reached out to people throughout the company to leverage expertise and knowledge in a variety of areas. I also did an audit of the current trial experiences and learned about the technological constraints to work within.


I found that the customers need to not only quickly get up to speed on how to use the software, but also be able to view the new features. These must be achieved while also maintaining productivity and being able to see the value of the software, so they subscribe within a 30 day period.




I reviewed game-based marketing tactics and identified which would be appropriate for the project given the audience and purpose. I researched what increases click-through-rates, too. With insights from my research, I wrote a creative brief and wireframe mock up that I gave to the senior art director to take into production. Also, I developed user personas and I put together a system map of the user journey and at what points in the journey tactics should be employed

I determined the solution needed to serve new-to-product users of each segment and longtime users of each segment (eight audiences in total) because trial users include first time customers and longtime customers checking out new features. 

This was an iterative process and  we reviewed our web publishing team and engineers.







I wrote a brief for the senior art director on my team to begin production on the wire frame and I made sure to discuss not only the intent, but also the reason why I chose those tactics. 

made a content map for learning tracks that were part of the experience and experts in each field reviewed the content, verifying they were appropriate selections.




Micro-site: A marketing experience that leverages an ecosystem of technology to enable personalization and gamification. It employs tactics to motivate and engage users, as well as learning tracks for different audiences and a badge-reward system. The project also harnesses data and helps the company better understand their customers and how to better serve them in the future.


I blurred the image because the site hasn't shipped yet.


In-Trial Marketing


What will engage customers and keep them coming back to the trial and thus see value in the software and want to subscribe?

I blurred the image because the campaign hasn't shipped yet.

Additional Activities at Autodesk


Please contact me to learn more.​ 

Interviewed by the AutoCAD Incubator Intern Team and a Service Designer​

Created a leave-behind for

X Summit at a UX design swarm

Organized weekly happy hours for MBA interns

Presentation with game-based marketing tactics

Slideshare for

Social Media and Brand

Trial audit with recommendations to strengthen product identity and brand

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