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Business + Design | Strategist + Innovator

Hi! I'm Jaclyn Dab.
I’m an ever-curious problem-solver who is passionate about customer-centered design and creating effective, executable solutions with meaningful narratives. I believe making deliberate decisions and validating assumptions is integral to successful strategies.
I am currently completing the final semester of my MBA with a focus in Design Strategy at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, where I chair several committees and co-founded the Women in Leadership group. Prior to my MBA studies, I practiced architecture for ten years.
Most recently, I worked at Autodesk where I developed and managed product marketing strategies that leverage gamification tactics and personalization to both strengthen trial user engagement and increase the conversion rate of trial users to paid subscribers. 



My process begins with understanding the customer, context, and the business.

Understanding these is key to designing something better.

Ideation and synthesis enables the unlocking of ideas. It's taking the research and thinking up new possibilities.

At some point, the ideas must see the light of day. Prototyping is about bringing ideas to life so that I can learn from them and iterate to make a stronger solution.

In order to understand where true value lies, ideas and assumptions must be reviewed and tested against success metrics. The results should be measured.

Design Thinking is an iterative process. The more I learn, the more I understand, and the better my ideas and prototyping become, so this is a cyclical process.


- Brand Strategy

- Experience + Service Design
- User Experience + Market Research

- Human-centered Design

- Business Model Innovation

- Business + Design Strategy
- Design Thinking
- Innovation
- Product Design + Management

- Product Marketing

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