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Product Marketing + Interaction Design + Experience Design

How might I leverage gamification and personalization to strengthen trial user engagement and increase conversion rates from trial user to subscriber?



A marketing experience that leverages an ecosystem of technology to enable personalization and gamification. It employs tactics to motivate and engage users, as well as learning tracks for different audiences and a badge-reward system. The project also harnesses data and helps the company better understand their customers and how to better serve them in the future.


Please excuse any obfuscation—This work is protected under an NDA.

Obscured wireframes and user flows (under NDA)


Role: Trial Gamification Marketing MBA Intern - Autodesk

  • I planned, mapped, and supported the development of marketing content, tactics, wireframes, and go-to-market strategy, to optimize user engagement and drive conversion.

  • I wrote creative briefs, crafted customer personas, created system journey maps, sourced content, and wrote copy. 

  • I outlined data collection objectives and methodologies to enhance customer insights and analytics to inform future projects.

My projects involved crafting the digital customer experience for trial users of AutoCAD, a product trial with 500,000+ global downloads a year, as well as creating an interactive microsite experience for trial users of Revit, a product with 3,000 downloads a month.

Please contact me to learn more.


Game-based Marketing

Journey Mapping

Persona Profiling

Brand Strategy

Interaction Design

Content Strategy


Design thinking

Experience Design

System Mapping


Data Collection Technology

Consumer Behavior

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Personalization Tactics + Technology

"It was a pleasure to manage Jaclyn during her time at Autodesk. She was willing to hit the ground running with minimal oversight. I appreciated Jaclyn's work ethic, the knowledge she brought to inform our projects, and her overall commitment to Autodesk. She'll truly be a great addition to any team!"

                                                                                             Trish Lambert

                                                                                    My Manager + Senior Marketing Manager

Additional Activities at Autodesk


Interviewed by the AutoCAD Incubator Intern Team and a Service Designer​

Created a leave-behind for

X Summit at a UX design swarm

Organized weekly happy hours for MBA interns

Presentation with game-based marketing tactics

Slideshare for

Social Media and Brand

Trial audit with recommendations to strengthen product identity and brand

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